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Mary Schultz Law P.S. Clients and Cases making news: 

Nov. 10, 2016

Chief Financial Officer awarded $1.9 million in his SOX Whistleblower claim against NYSE company Community Health Systems Inc. and its subsidiary Rockwood Clinic P.S.

In what may be the largest damage award ever made in a whistleblower case at the Department of Labor, CFO Gregg Becker has received a $1.9 million dollar award for the damage arising from his discharge from Rockwood Clinic P.S. by Community Health Systems Inc. when he repeatedly refused to engage in accounting fraud in violation of the Sarbanes Oxley Act. Mr Becker was subjected to continued demand, harassment, and job threat from CHS accounting personnel, and resisted until he was ultimately unlawfully discharged from his job for his refusal. 

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The 46 page order is here:


October 3, 2016: Spokane Country Club discrimination verdict and ensuing bankruptcy and sale of the Club has "ripples across the state's private clubs" --The Seattle Times.

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February 2, 2016: Former Spokane Chief of Police Files Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Against City of Spokane

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October 21, 2015:  Former Female Deputy Criminal Chief files Title VII Discrimination Claim Against United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch - Eastern District of Washington Department of Justice

October 20, 2015: Spokane Country Club Goes Broke Fighting Females

Oct. 14, 2015: United States Bankruptcy Court Orders the Sale of the Spokane Country Club to Pay It's Judgment Debt 


Oct. 10, 2015: Doug Clark: Condon, not taxpayers, should cover the cost of Straub Fiasco

Oct. 9, 2015:  Former Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub files $4 million claim against City of Spokane for Due Process Violation


Oct. 8, 2015: Inlander: Police Cheif Straub files $4 milion claim against the City of Spokane


Sept. 17, 2015: The Washington State Supreme Court upholds former Rockwood Chief Financial Officer Gregg Becker's Right to Proceed in his Wrongful Termination/Retaliation Claim Against Franklin TN based Community Health Systems Inc. cfo-can-sue-clinic-bosses/


Sept. 10, 2015:   Spokane Country Club Female Shareholders  Dru Hieber, Nancy Van Noy, Laura Skaer and Tracy Villanueva Recover All Jury Verdicts, Interest, Fees and Costs of their Shareholder Discrminaion Suit by the Kalispel Tribe's Purchase of the  Spokane Golf and Country Club  in SCC's Chapter 11 Bankruptcy


Kalispels Bid for Spokane Country Club in the Club's Ch 11 Bankruptcy


Washington Supreme Court Hears Gregg Becker v Community Health Systems on June 9, 2015


PBS's "Frontline"

On June 23, 2015, Mary Schultz will appear on PBS's investigative reporting series "Frontline." Ms. Schultz discusses her experience in employment discrimination matters within the Janitorial industry.


San Jose Jury Finds That Corporation Forfeited Invention Ownership Rights Under It's Employee Invention Agreement

On June 9th, 2015 a San Jose, California jury upheld employee rights by finding that an employer corporation forfeited its ownership rights to inventions under an employee invention agreement in favor of the employee inventor. Contractual invention agreements can create traps for employees who invent on their own time and who are required to disclose those inventions to their employer regardless. The jury's finding will protect employees when corporations fail to claim or disclose their intent to claim the invention, while acting in a manner that, from an employee's perspective, contradicts such employer ownerership.    


Spokane Country Club Headed for Sale

Country Club's efforts to discriminate against its femal owners and to avoid and  discharge four of its female shareholders' discrimintion jury verdicts have jeoparized the 100 year old institution's existence. The Club is now being prepared for sale within the bankruptcy. 

-April 26, 2015 Spokesman Rreview - link in new/articles


Gregg Becker, former Rockwood Chief Financial Officer, receives Division III Appellate Court Published Decision in His favor in his claim against Franklin TN based Community Health Systems Inc and Spokane's Rockwood Clinic  P.S.


Spokane County Superior Court Enters Injunction Prohibiting the Spokane Country Club From Discriminatory Practices


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