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Mary Schultz Law P.S. clients and cases making news and law: 

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June 16, 2021

Press Defamation: Mary Schultz has filed a defamation action against The Cowles Company d/b/a The Spokesman Review on behalf of former Spokane County Sheriff's Sergeant Jeffrey Thurman. The complaint alleges that Cowles let the Sheriff write the news about what a strong anti-racist Sheriff he was, using Cowles company's journalist's byline, so Cowles and the Sheriff both could receive national attention. 

April 2021

Federal Anti-Trust/Monopoly: Mary Schultz has filed a Sherman Act Anti-Trust/Monopoly case in Spokane Washington on behalf of two former veterinarian shareholders against National Veterinary Associates and Pet Emergency Clinic for their attempted monopoly of local emergency veterinary care. 

A news article notes that: 

Two veterinarians who worked at PEC from the early 2000s until 2017 have sued their former employer in a federal antitrust case for unfair business practices.

The vets allege the emergency clinic has worked to create a monopoly in the area while working on a possible sale of the operation to National Veterinary Associates, a company that purchases vet clinics around the world. The merger was in the works when the vets first sued in state court in August 2018 and the deal was halted. It remains suspended, according to the current federal lawsuit filed in November 2020.

While NVA and PEC say the lawsuit is baseless, the vets, in their complaint, point to troubling consolidation of veterinary care around the country that can lead to fewer options for pet owners, drive away talented vets and decrease competition by design.

"Pet Emergency Clinic has been providing local emergency veterinarian care in the Spokane area for over 40 years. PEC is owned by local Spokane veterinarians, who wanted a clinic where they could send their patients when their practices were closed," Swindler says. "PEC believes that the lawsuit brought against it by two former employees/owners is baseless and without merit."

Schultz says. "They already lost on that claim."

Schultz says the court's March ruling allowing the case to move forward literally proves the case is not meritless.

Schultz says a major concern is that in the end, there won't be options for pet owners.

"Ultimately what can happen is the quality of the services previously provided have been lessened, but there's no place else to go," Schultz says. "The prices go up, quality goes down, and you're stuck with it. Those are the dangers of monopolies." ♦


See News and Articles and:


December 3, 2019 

Federal Sarbanes Oxley Whistleblower/ Racketeering (RICO): Mary Schultz Law has filed suit on behalf of former Oracle Employee Tayo Daramola against Oracle in the United States District Court in San Francisco in the Northern District of California. The suit alleges Oracle's violation of the Sarbanes -Oxley whistleblower statute, Dodd-Frank, and RICO. The case originated in the Department of Labor in Boston, MA as a SOX whistleblower claim, but has evolved into the current complaint. See news and articles.


July 2, 2019

Defamation: Former Sheriff's Sergeant files defamation Tort Claim against Spokane County Sheriff. See Multiple news and articles on article page . 


September 2018

SOX Whistleblower: Mary Schultz "notches wins for whistleblowers" including recent $640,000 settlement in SOX Whistleblower case against Trimble Navigation Ltd. and current whistleblower claims in progress.


August 2018

SOX Whistleblower: Mary Schultz Law PS  client Steven Honkus recovers $640,000 settlement against Trimble Navigation Ltd., based in Sunnyvale, California, in his  federal Sarbanes Oxley whistleblower case. The settlement occurred before trial was to commence on August 13, 2018. Mr. Honkus brought SOX whistleblower claims against Trimble Navigation Ltd. for wrongful termination and retaliation. He alleged that he was retaliated against and terminated during a reduction in force after he presented an investigative report to his supervisors detailing conduct that he believed violated the federal Sarbanes Oxley Act’s reporting requirements for publicly traded corporations such as Trimble.

June 2018

Mary Schultz has been named by Super Lawyers Magazine as one of the top attorneys in Washington for 2018- an honor she has received for over ten consecutive years. 


June 9, 2018

Civil Rights/Due Process: A federal judge on Friday called the handling by city officials of former Spokane police Chief Frank Straub’s dismissal in 2015 “a hot mess.”


March 9, 2018

Red Lion, Lithia Motors face lawsuits involving sexual harassment claims

Sexual Harassment: Mary Schultz Law has filed two separate cases of harassment/wrongful termination charges against national corporations.

January 31, 2018

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is now considering a June-July setting in Seattle WA to hear arguments in former Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub's Appeal arising from his due process claims against the City of Spokane.   

December 14, 2017

Medicl Malpractice: Division III Appeals Court reverses trial court and rules in favor of firm client Estate of Michael Dempsey in medical malpractice discovery matter. Ruling enforces limits on opposing party access to expert records. The defense has petitioned for review to the Washington state Supreme Court, and the Estate has responded to request fees.

Estate of Michael Dempsey v Spokane Washington Hospital Co LLC et al,  1 Wash.App.2d. 628 (Dec.14, 2017)


October 11, 2017

Pend Oreille Public Utility District litigation update.

See News/Articles page


February 21, 2017

Department of Justice Agrees To Settle Assistant United States Attorney's Sex Bias Suit For $225K

Following the filing of an extensive 178 page document laying out the evidence compiled by attorney Mary Schultz in support of former federal prosecutor Jill Bolton, and against the Eastern District of Washington United States Attorney's Office, which summarizes and weaves together deposition testimony, and the high points from over 30,000 pages of documents produced, and following a federal court order allowing in the vast majority of that evidence in, as well as expert testimony, for the upcoming March 20th trial, the Department of Justice settled Bolton's employment discrimination claims.

See news and article page

February 21, 2017:  Former Assistant United States Attorney Jill Bolton Allowed to Use Sexists Emails as Evidence Against United States Attorneys' Office in Discrimination Claim. Published in LAW360 

January 25, 2017: Ex-AUSA Says Boss' Sexist Emails Should Be Shown At Trial

SOX Whistleblower: Nov. 10, 2016:  Chief Financial Officer awarded $1.9 million in his SOX Whistleblower claim against NYSE company Community Health Systems Inc. and its subsidiary Rockwood Clinic P.S.

In what may be the largest damage award ever made in a whistleblower case at the Department of Labor, CFO Gregg Becker has received a $1.9 million dollar award for the damage arising from his discharge from Rockwood Clinic P.S. by Community Health Systems Inc. when he repeatedly refused to engage in accounting fraud in violation of the Sarbanes Oxley Act. Mr Becker was subjected to continued demand, harassment, and job threat from CHS accounting personnel, and resisted until he was ultimately unlawfully discharged from his job for his refusal. 

The 46 page order is here:


Public Accommodation Discrimination/ Private Club: October 3, 2016: Spokane Country Club discrimination verdict and ensuing bankruptcy and sale of the Club has "ripples across the state's private clubs" --The Seattle Times.

Civil Rights/Due Process: February 2, 2016: Former Spokane Chief of Police Files Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Against City of Spokane

Title VII v U.S. Department of Justice: October 21, 2015:  Former Female Deputy Criminal Chief files Title VII Discrimination Claim Against United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch - Eastern District of Washington Department of Justice

October 20, 2015: Spokane Country Club Goes Broke Fighting Females

Oct. 14, 2015: United States Bankruptcy Court Orders the Sale of the Spokane Country Club to Pay It's Judgment Debt 


Oct. 10, 2015: Doug Clark: Condon, not taxpayers, should cover the cost of Straub Fiasco

Oct. 9, 2015:  Former Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub files $4 million claim against City of Spokane for Due Process Violation


Oct. 8, 2015: Inlander: Police Chief Straub files $4 million claim against the City of Spokane


Sept. 17, 2015:  Washington State Supreme Court upholds former Rockwood Chief Financial Officer Gregg Becker's Right to Proceed in his Wrongful Termination/Retaliation Claim Against Franklin TN based Community Health Systems Inc. cfo-can-sue-clinic-bosses/


Sept. 10, 2015:   Spokane Country Club Female Shareholders  Dru Hieber, Nancy Van Noy, Laura Skaer and Tracy Villanueva Recover All Jury Verdicts, Interest, Fees and Costs of their Shareholder Discrimination Suit by the Kalispel Tribe's Purchase of the  Spokane Golf and Country Club  in SCC's Chapter 11 Bankruptcy


Kalispel Tribe Bids for Spokane Country Club in the Club's Ch 11 Bankruptcy


Washington Supreme Court Hears Gregg Becker v Community Health Systems on June 9, 2015


Attorney Mary Schultz appears on PBS's "Frontline"

On June 23, 2015, Mary Schultz will appear on PBS's investigative reporting series "Frontline." Ms. Schultz discusses her experience in employment discrimination matters within the Janitorial industry.


San Jose Jury Finds That Corporation Forfeited Invention Ownership Rights Under It's Employee Invention Agreement

On June 9th, 2015 a San Jose, California jury upheld employee rights by finding that an employer corporation forfeited its ownership rights to inventions under an employee invention agreement in favor of the employee inventor. Contractual invention agreements can create traps for employees who invent on their own time and who are required to disclose those inventions to their employer regardless. The jury's finding will protect employees when corporations fail to claim or disclose their intent to claim the invention, while acting in a manner that, from an employee's perspective, contradicts such employer ownership.    


Spokane Country Club Headed for Sale

Country Club's efforts to discriminate against its female owners and to avoid and  discharge four of its female shareholders' discrimination jury verdicts have jeopardized the 100 year old institution's existence. The Club is now being prepared for sale within the bankruptcy. 

-April 26, 2015 Spokesman Review - link in new/articles


SOX Whistleblower: Gregg Becker, former Rockwood Chief Financial Officer, receives Division III Appellate Court Published Decision in His favor in his claim against Franklin TN based Community Health Systems Inc and Spokane's Rockwood Clinic  P.S.


Spokane County Superior Court Enters Injunction Prohibiting the Spokane Country Club From Discriminatory Practices


See News and Articles Section 




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Mary Schultz is a trial attorney with over 30 years of experience in representing people and companies in a variety of complex areas, including medical and oral surgery malpractice, employment discrimination, whistleblower claims, commercial and contract disputes, and financially complex dissolution cases. 


Lawyer of the Year Awards 

 **** 2014 Plaintiff's Lawyer of the Year, Best Lawyers in America--Medical Malpractice- Spokane.

 **** 2012 Lawyer of the Year, Best Lawyers in America-Labor and Employment Litigation-Spokane. 

  **** 2013 Labor and Employment Law Firm of the Year-- Washington- Mergers and Acquisitions International.

 **** 2014  Medical Negligence Firm of the Year - Mergers and Acquisitions International.


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   ***** 2022-Best Lawyers in America - in areas of Criminal Defense- White Collar Litigation; Litigation- Labor and Employment; and Medical Malpractice-Plaintiff

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    **** 2021--2012 US News and World Report, Best  Law Firms, Employment Law and Medical Malpractice.  

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      **** 2014 Washington's Top 50 Women Attorneys, Washington Journal of Law and Politics *         

     ****  2010 Spokane's top medical negligence lawyer, Spokane Couer D'Alene Living magazine



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