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Medical, Dental, and Oral Surgery Negligence

        Doctors and medical staff are trusted professionals and are given great authority over us and our families. Inattention, distraction, bad technique or bad follow up can lead to catastrophic injury or death. Treatments and procedures, often highly risky, may be performed improperly, unnecessarily, and /or without the full understanding of the risks involved. Conditions are often missed or misdiagnosed, leading to profound damage. Drug interactions can have serious unintended consequences which are not known to patients until it is too late.

          These cases are challenging, but negligent medical treatment changes lives and families forever. The only remedy is compensation for the harm. Raising these issues may also trigger the necessary review and change to protect others from the same fate, 

       If you or a loved one has been harmed by what you believe to be such negligence, a staff member will contact you to gather your facts for Mary Schultz's review.  Call (509) 245-3522, and leave your message at ext. 300.

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